To cantilever forms into space, to make them freestanding without
obvious supports, has been one of my constant preoccupations. To make
heavy forms float or dance in space defying gravity, with a tenuous
balance, is the major concern of truly ‘structural’ sculpture.

My work is not a figurative monolithic object/landscape. It is more of a
place that one can move about in physically and spiritually as in the
manner of the ancient Cairns and Dolmens.

Since wood has always been my favorite material, I have had to find ways
to be able to cut large shapes that relate to the forms taken by the trees
as they react to the forces of nature. I use a Sperber two-man saw mill
enabling me to carve at will from trees that I fell. I cut the form of each
element freely without any preconceptions as to the final form a sculpture
will take. When I begin to work, I pull a form from my ‘vocabulary’ of
elements, and the initial impetus is usually a large shape which I want to
see suspended in space. Then I devise a structure to support it.