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2014 Washington Art Association, Washington Depot CT, “art and food”
           Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn NY “To Leo, A Tribute from the AAA”
           American Academy of Arts and Letters, NYC “Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts”
           American Abstract Artists, Morgan Stanley NYC Curated by Creighton Michael
           Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn NY “Color Formed” Curated by Jim Osman
2013 Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NYC “Natural Selection”
           Governors Residence, Hartford CT “Sculpture on the Grounds”
           Industry City, Sunset Park Bklyn. “Come Together Surviving Sandy” Curated by Phong Bui
2012 Washington Art Association, Washington Depot CT “60 Artists 60 Years”
           Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NYC “Installment 2”
2011 The Icebox/Crane Arts Philadelphia PA “ABSTRACTION” American Abstract Artists, Curated by Janet
           Larry Becker Gallery, Phila. PA
           Art Aspen, Aspen Art Fair, Aspen CO
           OK Harris Gallery, NYC "American Abstract Artists Exhibition"
           Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell Univ. Ithaca NY "Splendor of Dynamic Structure:
           Celebrating 75 Years of American Abstract Artists"
2010 Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NYC "Material Exploration"
2009 Lesley Heller Gallery, NYC "Sculptors Draw"
           Washington Art Association, Washington Depot CT "Art Squared"
2008 Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery, Kent CT “A Memorial for Jaques with 100 Artists”
           Windsor Art Center, Windsor CT “Color Me Real; An Exhibition Dedicated to Sol LeWitt”
           Pace Gallery, NYC “Benefit for The Brooklyn Rail”
           Austin Museum of Art, TX. “LeWitt x2 Sol LeWitt: Selections from the LeWitt Collection.
           New Arts Program, Kutztown PA. “Invitational Salon Exhibition of Small Works”
           Sculpture Mile, Madison CT
2007 Madison Art Museum, Madison WI, Miami Art Museum, Miami FL, Weatherspoon Art Museum,
           Greensboro NC, “LeWitt x2 Sol LeWitt: Selections from the LeWitt Collection.
           Washington Art Association, Gunn Museum, Washington CT “55 And Growing”
           New Arts Program, Kutztown PA. “Invitational Salon Exhibiton of Small Works”
           Sculpture Mile, Madison CT.
2006 BachelierCardonsky Gallery, Kent CT “45 From Litchfield County”
           Whitney Biennial 2006 “Day For Night” - Peace Tower
           National Academy Museum, NYC “Exhibition from the Permanent Collection”
           New Arts Gallery, Litchfield CT. “Small Works/Big Ideas”
           Washington Art Association, Washington Depot CT. “Art Squared”
           New Arts Program, Kutztown PA. “Invitational Salon Exhibiton of Small Works”
           New Arts Gallery, Litchfield CT, “10th Anniversary Exhibition”
           Sculpture Mile, Madison CT.
2005 National Academy Museum, NYC. “Disegno 180th Annual Exhibition”
           Yellow Bird Gallery, Newburgh NY “Optical Simulations” American Abstract Artists
           Kouros Gallery, NYC. ”Tabletop”
           Paris/New York/Kent Gallery, Kent CT. “Artists At Work” Curator Judith Petrovich
           Sculpture Mile, Madison CT.
2004 New Arts Gallery, Litchfield CT. “Drawing Today”
           Hollycroft Foundation Madison CT. “Art Happening”
2003 Art Party For John Kerry, Haviland Street Gallery, New Haven CT.
           New Arts Program, Kutztown PA, “Invitational Salon Exhibition of Small Works”
           100 Pearl Street Gallery, Hartford CT, “10 Years at 100 Pearl”
           New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain CT “Selections from The LeWitt Collection”
2002 Chesterwood Museum, Stockbridge MA, “Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood 2002”
           Washington Art Assoc, Wahington Depot CT. “50th Anniversary Exhibition”
           New Arts Program, Kutztown PA. “Invitational Salon Exhibition of Small Works”
2001 Paris/New York/Kent Fine Art, Kent CT. “Pleasure Culture Sculpture”
           National Academy of Design Museum, N.Y.C. “176th Annual Exhibition”
           Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase N.Y. “2001 Biennial Exhibition of Public Art”
           Hollycroft Foundation, Ivoryton CT. “The Madison Mile” continuing through 2003
           Chesterwood Museum, Stockbridge MA. “Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood 2001”
           Rose Art Museum, Watham MA. “Stephen Antonakos and Colleagues”
2000 New York Studio School, N.Y.C. “Benefit Auction; In the Landscape”
           Paris-New York-Kent Gallery, Kent Ct. “Six Great Families”
           The Gunn Historical Museum, Washington Ct. “Washington, Pride of Place”
1999 Kouros Gallery, N.Y.C. “A Holiday Bazaar”
           Rockland Center for the Arts. W. Nyack N.Y. “26 Sculptors in their Environments”
           Gale Gates et al. Bklyn. N.Y. “Size Matters”
           Elena Zang Gallery, Shady N.Y. “Outdoor Sculpture Show”
           Paesaggio Gallery, West Hartford Ct. “small SCULPTURE”
           Paris - New York - Kent Gallery, Kent, Ct. “The 15th Anniversary”
1998 Elena Zang Gallery, Shady N.Y. “Outdoor Sculpture Show”
           National Academy Museum, N.Y.C. “Stages of Creation: Public Sculputure by National Academicians”
           Pratt Manhattan Gallery, N.Y.C. “Sculptors and Their Environments”
           Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, Kent Ct. “OurTenth Anniversary”
           Pratt Institute, Bklyn N.Y. “Pratt Institute Sculpture Park”
1997 Stark Gallery, N.Y.C. “Drawing From Life”
           Elena Zang Gallery, Shady N.Y. “Outdoor Sculpture Show”
           Kouros Sculpture Center, Ridgefield Ct.
           Jaques Kaplan, Kent Ct. “Sculpture Garden”
           Washington art Association, Washington Depot Ct. “The Moderns Revisited”
           Little Red School House, N.Y.C. “Art For Kids Sake” Benefit/Silent Auction
           New York Studio School, Annual Benefit Silent Auction
1996 University Galleries, Salisbury State University, Salisbury Md.
           Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, Kent Ct. “A 30 Mile Circle”
           Candice Perich Gallery, Ridgefield Ct. “The Artists of Fred W. McDarrah”
           Essex Art Gallery, Essex Ct. “50th Anniversary Exhibition”
           The Hollycroft Foundation, Ivoryton Ct. “Hollycroft International”
           Elena Zang Gallery, Shady N.Y. “Outdoor Sculpture Show”
           Randall Tuttle Fine Arts, Woodbury Ct. and...
           The Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury Ct. “Twenty Years of 20/20 Vision”
           Elena Zang Gallery, Shady N.Y. “Miniatures by Major Artists”
           New York Studio School, N.Y.C. “The Artist Mirrored: Self - Portraits” Benefit/Silent Auction
           The Little Red School House, N.Y.C. “Art For Kids Sake” Benefit/Silent Auction
1995 Bill Bace Gallery, N.Y.C. “SEMAPHORE: Placing the Mark”
           Paris-New York -Kent Gallery, Kent Ct. “Face to Face”
           The Hollycroft Foundation, Ivoryton Ct. “Second Hollycroft Invitational Exhibition”
           Elena Zang Gallery, Shady N.Y. “Outdoor Sculpture Show”
1994 Bill Bace Gallery, N.Y.C. “Artists of the Gallery”
           American Academy of Arts and Letters, N.Y.C. “American Academy Invitational Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture”
           Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton N.J. “Spring Summer Exhibition 94”, “Fall Winter Exhibition”
           2004 National Trust for Historic Preservation, Chesterwood, Stockbridge Ma. “Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood”
           Kouros Sculpture Center, Ridgefield Ct.
           100 Pearl St. Gallery, 2-person exhibition, Hartford Ct.
           L.A. Art Fair, L.A. Ca. Bill Bace Gallery, N.Y.C.
1993 Sculpture Center, N.Y.C, “Spring Benefit"
           Washington Art Association, Washington Depot Ct. “Three Sculptors”
           Kouros Sculpture Center, Ridgefield Ct.
1992 Bill Bace Gallery, N.Y.C. “LARGESCALE”
           Edwin a Ulrich Museum of Art, The Wichita State University, Wichita Kansas “Persistence of Abstraction”
           Kouros Sculpture Center, Ridgefield Ct.
           Bill Bace Gallery, N.Y.C. “Artist Christmas Tree Ornament Benefit”
1991 The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton N.Y. “The First Parrish Art Museum Design Biennial: Weathervanes”
1989 Fondation D’Art de la Napoule, La Napoule France “Portes Ouvertes”
           Sommacompagna / Verona. Verona Italy “Idiomi Della Scultura Contemporanea 2”
1988 Music Mountain, Falls Village Ct. “Summer Sculpture Exhibition”
           Romanek Sculpture and Flower Garden, Chicago Ill.
           Keystone at the Crossing, Ind. In.
1987 The City Gallery, N.Y.C. “American Abstract Artists / New Work: New Members”
           Sculpture Center, N.Y.C. “Material Sense”
           Kenekeleba Gallery, N.Y.C. “In the Spirit of Wood”
1986 Allentown Cedar Parkway, Allentown Pa. “Sculpture on the Green”
           Socrates Sculpture Park, L.I.C.N.Y. “Artists Choose Artists”
           The Bronx Museum, Bronx N.Y. “American Abstract Artists 50th Anniversary Celebration”
1985 Kenkeleba Gallery, N.Y.C. “Gathering of the Avant-Garde, The Lower East Side 1948-1970”
           The Reading Public Museum, Reading Pa. “CON=STRUCT=URES”
           The University of Rhode Island, “Diversity-New York Artists”
           Vanderwoude Tananbaum Gallery, N.Y.C. “Artists Toys and Ornaments”
1984 Moderna Museet, Stockholm Sweden.”Vanishing Points”
           Sculpture Center, N.Y.C.and Queens College, Flushing N.Y.“The Ways of Wood”
1984 Vanderwoude Tananbaum Gallery, N.Y.C. “Artists Toys”
1983 55 Mercer Gallery, N.Y.C. “55 Mercer/12 Years”
           Max Hutchinson Gallery, N.Y.C. “Varieties of Sculptural Ideas”
1982 Navy Pier, Chicago Ill. “Mayor Byrne’s Mile of Sculpture”
           Philadelphia Art Alliance, Phila. Pa. “S/300”
           Max Hutchinson gallery, N.Y.C. “Gallery Artists”
           Ronald Feldman Gallery, N.Y.C. “Bebefit for Franklin Furnace”
1981 Zabriskie Gallery, N.Y.C. “Sculpture Invitational”
           Max Hutchinson Gallery, N.Y.C. “Sculptors Working Drawings”
1980 Creative Time Inc. N.Y.C. “Breaking in at the First Precinct”
           Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga Tn. and National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. “Across the Nation, Fine Art for Federal Buildings 1972-1979”
           Pratt Institute, Bklyn N.Y. “Sites: Outdoor Sculpture at Pratt”
           Federal Plaza, N.Y.C. “Nineteen at Twenty Six”
1979 Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, Sparkill N.Y. “Gates and Fences”
           Wave Hill, Bronx N.Y. “The Artists View”
1979 U.S. Customs House, N.Y.C. “Customs and Culture”
1978 O.I.A. Wards Island N.Y.
           Robert Freidus Gallery, N.Y.C. “On the Roof and in the Gallery”
1978 O.K. Harris and Susan Caldwell galleries, N.Y.C. “In the Event of Living Sculpture”
           Cooper Hewitt Museum, N.Y.C. “Museum of Drawers” Herbert Distel
           55 Mercer Gallery, N.y.C. “Small Works”
           Roy G. Biv Gallery, N.Y.C.
           P.S.1, Institute for Art adn Urban Resources Inc. L.I.C.,N.Y. “Indoor-Outdoor Sculpture Show”
1977 80 Washington Square East Gallery, N.Y.C. “Prepatory Notes and Thinking Drawings”
           Monique Knowlton Gallery, N.Y.C. “Maquettes for Large Sculpture”
           The Israel Museum, Jeruselem, “Museum of Drawers” Herbert Distel
           Stadtlische Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf Germany, “Museum of Drawers” Herbert Distel
           Museum Schwabisch Gmund, “Museum of Drawers” Herbert Distel
           The Nassau County Museum, Roslyn N.Y. “Wood”
           Co-Op City, Bronx N.Y. “Forms In Focus”
           Sculpture Now Inc. N.Y.C. “Sculpture Yesterday/Today”
           Central Hall Gallery, Port Washington N.Y. “Wood Works and Other Works”
1976 International Cultural Center, Antwerp Belgium,“Museum of Drawers” Herbert Distel
           A.I.R. Gallery, N.Y.C. “Reviews and Other Works” Rachel Bas Cohain
           New York Studio School, N.Y.C. Benefit
1974-1976 55 Mercer Gallery Traveling Group Show, N.Y.State; SUNY Plattsburgh, Oswego, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Albany, SUNY New Paltz, Olean Public Library
1974 Lake Placid School, Alfred, Rochester Business Commission for the Arts.
           The Taft Museum, Cinncinati Ohio, “Painting and Sculpture Today”
           The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana In. “Painting and Sculpture Today”
           Paula Cooper Gallery, N.Y.C. “Encounter” Benefit
           The New York Studio School, N.Y.C. Benefit
           Huntingdon County Arts Festival, Huntingdon Pa.
1973 Queens College Faculty Exhibition, Flushing N.Y.
1972 Documenta, Kassel Germany, “Museum of Drawers”, Herbert Distel
1971 Brata Gallery, N.Y.C.
           John Weber Gallery, N.Y.C. “Package Project” Stephen Antonakos
1970 55 Mercer Gallery, N.Y.C.
           O.K. HArris Gallery, N.Y.C.
1969 St. Johns University, N.Y.
           Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Phila. Pa. “Between Object and Environment”
           Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf Germany
1968 Walker Art Museum, Minn. Mn.
           The Brooklyn Museum, Bklyn, N.Y.
1968 Whitney Museum of American Art, N.Y.C.
           Philadelphia Museum of Art, Phila. Pa. “American Sculpture of the Sixties”
1967 Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles Ca. “American Sculpture of the Sixties”
           Dwan Gallery, N.Y.C. “Gallery Artists”
           Whitney Museum of American Art, N.Y.C. “Whitney Annual”
           Jewish Museum, N.Y.C. “Primary Structures”
1966 Baden Baden Germany
           Kunstverein, Berlin Germany
1965 World House, N.Y.C.
           Kunsthalle, Essen Germany
           Kunsthalle, Berlin Germany
           Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf Germany
           Baden Baden, Germany
1964 Kunsthalle, Bern Switzerland “Marcel Duchamp, Wassily Kandinsky, Kasimir Malewitsch, Josef Albers, Tom Doyle”
1963 Rose Art Gallery, Brandeis University
           Seattle Worlds Fair, Seattle Wa.
           Park Place Gallery, N.Y.C.
           Riverside Museum, N.Y.C
           Peabody Museum, Nashville Tn.
           Zabriskie Gallery, N.Y.C. 2-Person Exhibition
           Riverside Museum, NYC “Sculpture”
1962 Carnegie International, Pittsburgh Pa.
1961 Allen Art Gallery, Oberlin Ohio “Three Young Romantic Sculptors”
1960 Martha Jackson Gallery, N.Y.C. “New Forms/New Media” I & II
1959 Cornell University
1956 Art Institute of Zanesville, Zanesville Ohio “Two Young Romantic Sculptors”